June 18, 2023 | New sensors achieve triple the resolution and double the scan rate speed.

Starrett-Bytewise Introduces New High-Speed Line Laser Sensors for Fast, Accurate Measurement on TGIS Tire Uniformity Machines

By: Matt Orvis

Starrett-Bytewise has introduced its “SL4” high-speed line laser sensors, its fourth generation of sensors offering the highest resolution and speed for TGIS Radial Run-Out (RRO), Lateral Run-Out (LRO) and bulge measurement to date. Starrett-Bytewise SL4 sensors are optimized for cured tire runout and bulge measurement by combining the world’s leading high-speed CMOS camera with precision optics and laser diode. A complete re-design of its predecessors, the new sensors achieve triple the resolution at 2500 (H) x 13312 (V) and double the speed with a scan rate of 6kHz.

“With plug and play backwards compatibility, and significantly enhanced resolution and speed, the SL4 sensors are both easy to integrate and highly productive,” said Matt Orvis, Tire Industry Sales Director, Starrett-Bytewise. SL4 sensors are a direct replacement and can be used in combination with older SL3 and Akroscan sensors in the same system, allowing the customer to continue replacing single sensors instead of the entire system.

Line laser sensors acquire 850 tracks of measurement over a wide area to assure that each tire is inspected over the largest possible area. Over 4,000 Starrett-Bytewise sensors are in use today, making Starrett-Bytewise the leading supplier of tire scanning technology worldwide.

Starrett SL4 sensors are available in three configurations, all optimized for integration into tire uniformity machines, balance machines and dedicated tire geometry test machines. For more information, please contact