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June 18, 2023 @ New sensors achieve triple the resolution and double the scan rate speed.

Starrett-Bytewise Introduces New High-Speed Line Laser Sensors for Fast, Accurate Measurement on TGIS Tire Uniformity Machines

Starrett-Bytewise has introduced its “SL4” high-speed line laser sensors, its fourth generation of sensors offering the highest resolution and speed for TGIS Radial Run-Out (RRO), Lateral Run-Out (LRO) and bulge measurement to date.

Explore Tire Industry Products

Tire Industry Products include systems for component preparation (extrusion, calendering, belt and apex), tire building (carcass, belt/tread and shaping), final finish (bulge and depression, inspection), and R&D (bead-to-bead profile, tire inspection and tread wear measurement).

On-Line Profilometer (OLP)

The On-Line Profilometer (OLP) provides automatic, high speed, non-contact measurementof tread and sidewall extrusions. OLP outperforms scanning systems by collecting an instantaneous cross-section profile rather than measuring in a zigzag pattern.

Off-Line Profilometer 3D

Profilometer3D is the most advanced tread scanning technology available. It is powered by CrossCheckHD dual-triangulating sensors to simultaneously acquire 512 tracks of data in each tread or sidewall scan. This high-density data set makes 3DP ideal for detecting faint die lines needed to qualify new dies.

Off-Line Profilometer

An automated, non-contact measurement system displacing hand tools. The Profilometer is used to verify the accuracy of newly-cut dies by checking the extrusion dimensions. Its accuracy and speed helps reduce the number of die trials needed to approve a new die for production. Once in production, the Profilometer is used to check each run for overall quality, and to monitor for die wear.


Tire makers routinely measure production tires as a means of quality checking. Tire360 is a 3D tire scanning system that measures parameters like crown radius, section width, section height, circumference, and location and height of tread wear indicators.


GEO-360 is a tire geometry measurement system for retrofit to tire uniformity machines and balancers. It has a rack and pinion drive system that can easily be customized for travel and height.

Green Tire Uniformity System

This system utilizes the CrossCheckHD™ Line Laser Sensor to scan green tires at any stage of production. The GTU Software has a suite of viewing and analysis tools for assessing all aspects of the green tire uniformity.

Tread Wear Measurement System (CTWIST )

Measures and characterizes tire tread wear to better understand wear behavior

Bead-to-Bead Profile Measurement System

A non-contact scanning system that provides instantaneous acquisition for tire profiles from one bead to the other.