For fast, simple and accurate measurements of any angle.

Shop Angle Gage Block Sets

Angle Gage Blocks permit fast, simple and accurate measurements of any angle. They are far superior to sine bar measuring methods, that involve trigonometric formulae and complex stacks of gage blocks. Angle gage blocks come in three accuracies: croblox® Reference Angle Blocks with a 1-second accuracy, steel Calibration Grade Angle Blocks with 2-second accuracy, and steel Working Grade Angle Blocks with 5-second accuracy. Each grade can be purchased in sets that will measure in steps of one-second, one-minute or one-degree to suit any need. (See angle block specification information on next two pages.)

  • Reference Angle Blocks croblox: 1-second accuracy. Designed for optical or as reference standards for autocollimators, spectrometers, etc. They are unsurpassed for use in aerospace, optical, and precision instrument fields.
  • Calibration Angle Blocks Steel: 2-second accuracy. The same high quality as the Reference Grade Angle Blocks.
  • Working Angle Blocks Steel: 5-second accuracy. These angles are designed for shop or tool room. The longer gaging surfaces are made for use with an indicator. These blocks reduce set-up time and minimize error in grinding both simple and compound angles.