In-line, real-time laser measurement system.
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Profile 360


Profile360™ continuously monitors the size and shape of complex profiles in order to assure quality and avoid the high cost of defects. The system acquires thousands of data points around the profile and matches them to a CAD template, where key measurement parameters such as width, thickness, gap, radius, and angle are extracted. Measurement parameters are compared to allowable control limits and displayed on the operator's terminal with a pass/caution/fail status indicator. Profile360™ runs at rates up to 20 profiles per second. The system is available in standard sizes and can be custom-built for almost any size and shape.


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Inspecting with the Profile360™

  • Line Operators can immediately observe and react to manufacturing problems
  • Production Managers can quickly review historical run data
  • Quality Control Managers can better understand the process and factors that cause variation

Additional Benefits Include

  • Faster startups, faster product development, faster die design
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce inspection labor and material scrap
Resource Documents

OLP - for Foamed PVC_ Rigid PVC and Calendered Rubber Sheets - Bulletin 2527-1

276 KB

Profile360 - for Wire and Cable Profiles - Bulletin 2540-1

217 KB

Profile360 - Best System for Profile Wire and Cable - Bulletin 2554-1

215 KB

Profile360 - for Pipe OD_ Out of Round and Length Measurement - Bulletin 2539-1

233 KB

Profile360 - for ERW and Spiral Pipe OD_ Out of Round and Length Measurement - Bulletin 2556-1

232 KB

Surface360 (Bulletin 2553)

362 KB

2600 - Profile 360 Representative Contacts

130 KB

Profile360 - Bulletin 2510

1.58 MB

Profile360 - for Ceramic Extrusion Manufacturing - Bulletin 2526

226 KB

Profile360 - for Wood Plastic Composites - Bulletin 2504

230 KB

Profile360 - User Testimonials - Bulletin 2529

201 KB

Profile360 - for Automotive Seals - Bulletin 2501

225 KB

Profile360 - Scrap Economics for Auto Seal Extrusion - Bulletin 2530

211 KB

Profile360 - Understanding Startup Behavior Using Profile360 - Bulletin 2531

203 KB

Profile360 - Comparison of Repeatability Using Hand-Held Calipers and Profile360 - Bulletin 2528

211 KB

Profile360 - for Roll Forming - Bulletin 2503

229 KB
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