The future of Data Collection has arrived.


There is no better data collection experience than to have a Precision Tool that can securely and reliably transmit your measurements to your SPC software, or to a spreadsheet, notepad, any desktop or mobile app. No wires. No back packs. Just a sleek, modern electronic Starrett Precision Tool with a send button.

These tools represent ideal data collection solutions. The precision tools themselves are what you'd expect from a Starrett tool. Superb. Their electronic and output capabilities are astounding. They are simply the fastest way to get your measurement recorded. No hand-writing, no cords, no hassle. Just extreme efficiency. While the Starrett Datasure 4.0 system is proprietary for its function and security, these tools only need device with a com port to receive the data, and will post data directly to any SPC software, and any hardware devise - all Android and IOS devices, PC's, Mac's. 

The Starrett R&D team thought about everything you might want in a wireless tool. These tools feature large readouts, rechargeable batteries. Free mobile apps for Android and IOS. Free software for PC's - No hidden costs.

The future of data collection -  available today.