In the hands of a skilled operator, the precision micrometer is the most accurate hand-held tool available. When close measurements are necessary, the micrometer is the ideal tool for the job because measurement and reading are on the same axis and the anvil end is supported by a strong frame.


Built to the highest standards, Starrett micrometers are available in a variety of types including outside, inside, depth, bench and heads. Measurement readouts are available as electronic, digital and traditional vernier, with varying sizes and accessories.

Outside Micrometers

Starrett Outside Micrometers are the most popular precision micrometers used by skilled workmen worldwide. They are accurate, rugged, and easy to use. Whether you're working in manufacturing, engineering, or metalworking, these precision micrometers are built to last, easy to use, precise and accurate.

Electronic Outside Micrometer

Upgrade your measurement game with Starrett Electronic Outside Micrometers! These precision tools are built with advanced electronic technology that offer fast, accurate and reliable readings.

Micrometer Sets

Get all the precision outside micrometers you need in one convenient package with Starrett Outside Micrometer Sets! These sets contain various range tools, setting standards and case.

Inside Micrometers

Inside micrometers directly read the internal dimensions of holes, bores and slots to 0.001" resolution.

Inside Micrometers Accessories

Mechanical outside micrometers measure outer dimensions in 1" increments to 0.0001" accuracy and resolution.

Depth Micrometers

Electronic and Mechanical depth micrometers measure parts with depth features like internal notches in 1" increments to 0.0001" accuracy and 50 millionths (0.00005") resolution.

Micrometer Heads

Electronic and Mechanical micrometer heads are used in fixtures like locating small stages to ease reproducibility. They can measure various dimensions depending on the fixture design...

Disc Micrometers

Disc micrometers are used to measure the thickness of work sections such as ribs, lands, fins, cutting edges on form tools, and chordal thickness of gear teeth. Available in mechanical and electronic types.

Blade Micrometers

Starrett Blade Micrometers are designed to measure outside diameters of narrow grooves and slots.

Sheet Metal Micrometers

Starrett Sheet Metal Micrometers reach over the edge of sheet metal and take measurements away from the edge toward the center. Also for other gaging jobs where a deep throat micrometer is needed.

Groove Micrometers

Starrett Groove Micrometers quickly and easily measure widths of internal or external grooves and lands.

Multi Anvil Micrometers

Starrett Multi Anvil Micrometers are perfect for measuring the wall thickness of tubing, cylindrical walls from a hole or slot to an edge, many hard-to-reach locations, and the thickness of screw heads, shoulder lengths, etc.

Rounded Anvil Micrometers

Starrett Rounded Anvil Micrometers are extremely useful for measuring the wall thickness of parts such as solid and split bearings, tubing, sleeves, collars, rings, various cylinders, and also measuring from the inside of a hole to an edge. Featuring a rounded anvil which contacts the inside curved surface and a flat spindle for contacting the outside of the work, thus producing single point contact.

Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers

Starrett Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers are for all applications requiring a single micrometer with range greater than 1". Each micrometer is equipped with a series of easily interchangeable anvils, thus providing the full range in steps of 1" or 25mm with a single micrometer.

Hub Micrometers

Starrett Hub Micrometers are ideal tools for precision measuring of hub thickness, for insertion through small holes to measure thickness, and for many other related uses.

Can Seam Micrometers

Starrett Can Seam Micrometers are made of stainless steel and designed to measure the thickness and depth of can seams.

Screw Thread Micrometers

Starrett Screw Thread Micrometers have a pointed spindle and a double V-anvil, both shaped to contact the screw thread as shown in the drawing. The micrometer reading gives the pitch diameter.

Wire Micrometers

Starrett Wire Micrometers designed to measure diameter of wire up to .400" (10mm).

Tube Micrometers

Starrett Tube Micrometers are ideal for measuring the wall thickness of tubing and other parts with cylindrical walls. Also for measuring from a hole to an edge

Bench Micrometers

Starrett Bench Micrometers feature a sturdy base and a precision measuring head. These micrometers make it easy to measure the thickness, diameter, and depth. Ideal for precision measurements where the work must be brought to the gage.

Indicator Tester Micrometers

Starrett Indicator Testers - the perfect tool for checking the accuracy of dial indicators! With a precise and repeatable mechanism, these testers make it easy to verify the accuracy of dial indicators and other mechanical measuring tools.

Tubular Micrometers

Starrett Tubular Inside Micrometers - the perfect tool for precise measurements of internal diameters! With a tubular design and a range of interchangeable anvils, these micrometers make it easy to measure the internal diameter of pipes, and cylinders.

Crankshaft Micrometers

The Starrett 436-3 1/2 Automotive Crankshaft Micrometer is designed for automotive work and especially for crankshaft measuring. It is also well suited for all other work within its capacity. It measures the diameter of the journal bearing and main bearing of most crankshafts since the micrometer has a range from 1-1/2" (38mm) to 3-1/2" (88mm).

Micrometer Standards

Micrometer standards are fixed gages, with a fixed dimension, used to perform a basic field checks on micrometers and other linear precision measuring tools.

Micrometer Accessories

Micrometer accessories include supplemental products like data output cables, batteries, cases, and contact attachments.