Electronic outside micrometers

Electronic outside micrometers are easy to use, reliable, and can collect data.

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Electronic outside micrometers measure outer dimensions in 1" increments to 0.0001" accuracy and to 50 millionths (1 micron) resolution.

3732 Electronic Micrometers (non output) - 0-6"/0-150mm

The 3732 Electronic Micrometer is a full-featured precision measuring tool built with customary Starrett quality and workmanship. The 3732 includes a large, easy-to-read, high contrast LCD digital readout for clear readings. With its auto OFF functionality, smooth friction thimble for uniform pressure, and balanced frame design, the 3732 provides comfortable and accurate measuring.

733.1 Electronic Micrometers (with output) - 0-24"/0-600MM

The newly designed 733.1 is a full function electronic digital readout outside micrometer with IP67 level of protection for 0-4"/0-100mm ranges only. The balanced and tapered frame provides comfortable and accurate measuring and gives the right feel during use.