Measure parts with depth features like internal notches in 1" increments to 0.0001" accuracy and 50 millionths (0.00005") resolution.

Shop Depth Micrometers

Our varied line of electronic, mechanical digital and regular depth micrometers are available with base lengths from 2-1/2-6" (63.5-150mm) and can measure depths up to 9" (225mm). They are also available with rotating or non-rotating blades. All heads used in our depth micrometers are accurate to ±.0001" or ±0.002mm.

Unless otherwise noted under the individual tools, they all have these features:

  • A base shape design that will automatically position the fingers so that the base is easily held in place for measuring stability
  • All precision screws are ground and lapped
  • All bases and rods are hardened, ground, and lapped for permanent accuracy
  • All reading surfaces have a satin chrome finish that resists rust and provides a no-glare background for the sharp lines and figures
  • All measuring rods are adjustable
  • Quick and easy adjustment

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