Starrett Squares are precision tools that consists of a steel rule blade and a head that is oftentimes interchangeable, allowing for a variety of dimensional measurements.


Ensuring perpendicularity or squareness is at the heart of creating precision products. Starrett offers a broad range of high quality solid squares, try squares and specialty products. Our line of combination squares and accessories is especially broad and deep. Combination square was our first product and today, our brand is considered to be the best available.

Combination Squares

Starrett combination squares consist of a photo-engraved, hardened and tempered steel rule (or blade) on which is mounted an adjustable square head.

Combination Square Accessories

Starrett Blades, Heads, Protrators and other accessories for Combination Squares, Sets and Bevel Protractors.

Solid Squares

Starrett hardened steel squares are used when extreme accuracy is required. The beams and blades are hardened, ground and lapped to ensure parallelism and straightness.

Double Squares

Double Squares are very popular with machinists, toolmakers, and patternmakers. The sliding blades are adjustable making these squares practical for a wide variety of uses.