Extended Life Treatment (EXT) The Starrett Primalloy Band Saw product line applies a proprietary Extended Life Treatment (EXT) to its alloy steel backing material. This process, in addition to controlled blast peening, enhances the fatigue life of the blade.The EXT applied during the peening operation adds increased residual stress into the surface of the blade. Higher stress levels aid in the reduction of fatigue cracks that originate along microscopic grain boundaries.The benefits of extended life treatment are proven with X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and extensive mechanical fatigue tests. This process will soon be applied to most Starrett bimetal and carbide tip product lines. Bi-Metal Primalloy™ Features • Special high-speed steel edge • Exclusive tooth geometry with positive rake angle • Extended Life Treatment (EXT)-ensures maximum fatigue life • Ground teeth Benefits High content of Cobalt and Vanadium guarantee: • High production, longer operating blade life with high quality surface finishing • Increased wear and heat resistance • Easy penetration in hard and difficult to machine materials, increasing the blade performance • Cost-effective over conventional bi-metal blades S AW SOLUTION S E X T E N DED LIFE TREAT M E N T Applications • Tool steel and high speed steel • Stainless steels • Nickel and titanium alloys • Hardened steel • For machines with hydraulic feed control Width x Thickness Pitch/Rake Material No. in mm 1 x .035 27 x 0.90 3-4/IP-P-R 99800 1-1/4 x .042 34 x 1.10 2-3/IP-P-R 99801 3-4/IP-P-R 99802 1-1/2 x .050 41 x 1.30 1.4-2/IP-P-R 99803 2-3/IP-P-R 99804 3-4/IP-P-R 99805 2 x .063 54 x 1.60 1-1.2/IP-P-R 99812 1.4-2/IP-P-R 99806 2-3/IP-P-R 99807 3-4/IP-P-R 99808 2-5/8 x .063 67 x 1.60 1-1.2/IP-P-R 99809 1.4-2/IP-P-R 99810 2-3/IP-P-R 99811 IP - Intenss tooth profile | P - Positive rake | R - raker set 1" to 1-1/4" sizes available in 150' (45m) and 250' (75m) coils. 1-1/2" and 2" sizes available in 150' (45m) coils. 2-5/8" sizes available only in welded blades. All coils supplied within plus or minus 10% of ordered size. Furnished in welded bands for all widths, or in random coils for 1" to 2" widths. Special products on request. 18 B i -M et al NEW!