Accessories Pocket Laser Tachometer Kit with Case No. S7793Z • Powerfultachometerwith32functionsformeasurementswithorwithoutcontact • From 200.000 RPM (optical measurement) to 20.000 RPM • Measurement with contact up to 20.000 RPM • Measurement with contact 2.000 m/min.(linear speed) • Different measurement units: RPM, cm, inches,feet, yards etc. Saw Tension Gage For Band Saw Blades No. 682EMZ • Check for proper tension in either English or metric • Graduated in kg/cm² (0 to 4.000) and in pounds/in² (0 to 60.000) • Supplied in a case with instructions Band Saw Blade Alignment Gage No. PT92925 This gage enables you to make sure your blade is running square to the cut. 60 R ecommenda tions and R esources