Carbon Duratec™ FC Features • Made of high-carbon steel with high Silicon-content • Flexible backer for excellent fatigue resistance • Special set design for increased frictional heat • Special "air scoop"design teeth • Fully hardened teeth and tempered back Benefits • Ideal for cutting materials that conventional blades cannot cut • High resistance to wear and abrasion • Teeth specifically designed to bring oxygen into the cut to burn up the material Applications • Steel-belted radial tires • Cuts thin, ferrous sections up to 5/8" (16mm) • Weldments, sheet metal, unconventional shapes • Vertical machines with speeds up to 15,000 SFPM Width x Thickness Pitch/Rake Material No. in mm 1 x .035 25 x 0.90 8/RG-S-R 91726 10/RG-S-R 91740 3/BC-P-R 91768 4/BC-P-R 91769 R - Raker set RG - Regular tooth profile | S - Straight (Zero) rake | BC - Bearcat tooth profile | P - Positive rake Available in 100' (30m) coils and welded bands. All coils supplied within plus or minus 10% of ordered size. Special products on request. Duratec™ FK - Kevlar Features • Special grind along the back of the teeth creates a sharp slicing edge • High carbon steel blade with hardened teeth. Benefits • Teeth are lightly set to help remove swarf created by the cutting action Applications • Specifically created for smooth cutting of honeycomb panels such as Kevlar. • Can also be used to slice/ cut materials such as Nomex in addition to Kevlar. Width x Thickness Pitch/Rake Material No. in mm 3/4 x .032 19 x 0.80 4/GB-S-A 93754 GB - Ground back tooth profile | S - straight (zero) rake | A - Alternate set 38 C arbon NEW!