Recommendations Follow These Instructions Carefully • Follow all the safety instructions shown in the band saw machine operator's manual and on the machine labels. Recognize and read safety and warning signs such as Danger,Warning and Caution • Follow the saw blade installation instructions on the specific make and model of the band saw machine requiring a blade change Basic Blade Change Guidelines • Remove any chips from saw guides and band wheels • Position chip brush away from saw • Relieve saw blade tension and remove blade Band Saw Blade Installation Guidelines Always follow the machine manufacturer's instruction and recommendations for blade changes and the safe operation for the band saw machine. Starrett nor its employees shall not be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of these guidelines. The general information contained in the guidelines is intended to assist in the proper installation of bandsaw blades. Proper blade installation achieves more efficient blade performance. • Wear gloves when handling band saw blade • Use eye protection, safety shoes, and hearing protection • Select appropriate blade for cutting application • Unfold blade properly. Do not throw. Throwing the blade will result in tooth damage that will reduce saw blade performance • Install blade with saw teeth pointing in proper direction • Apply appropriate tension to the blade • Be aware of pinch points and keep hands and clothing clear of rotating blade • Adjust guide arms to appropriate positions to workpiece • Adjust blade guides for proper blade support • Adjust chip brush to fully engage saw blade teeth to ensure proper chip removal • Check hydraulic fluid levels when applicable • Ensure appropriate cutting fluid placement and mix ratios as applicable per machine, cutting fluid, and blade manufacturer's recommendations 59 R ecommenda tions and R esources