Terminology A-Width Tip of the cutting edge to the back of the blade. B-Blade Body Distance between the back of the blade and the gullet. C-Length Measurement along the back edge of the blade. D-Thickness Measurement of the body of the blade. E-Back Edge Opposite side of the blade from the teeth. F-Tooth Pitch Distance from the tip of one tooth to the next tip. G-Teeth per Inch/25MM Number of teeth (constant pitch) per inch (25.4mm). H-Gullet The curved area between two teeth, where the chips accumulate until being removed. I-Tooth Face Surface of the tooth where the chip is formed. The tooth can have a positive, negative or straight angle. (Rake) J-Tooth Set The side bending of the teeth to allow blade clearance through the cut. K-Back Angle Angle formed by the back of the teeth and a parallel line to the tip of the same. 8 T erminology