November 2, 2022

Starrett Introduces Enhanced, Highly Accurate Electronic Indicators

By: Tim Cucchi
“Our new line of over 40 new electronic indicator models provides the utmost in features, accuracy and reliability with true absolute sensor technology,” said Tim Cucchi, Starrett Product Manager - Precision Hand Tools. “And they are made right here in Athol, Massachusetts to renowned Starrett quality standards.”
June 18, 2023 | New sensors achieve triple the resolution and double the scan rate speed.

Starrett-Bytewise Introduces New High-Speed Line Laser Sensors for Fast, Accurate Measurement on TGIS Tire Uniformity Machines

By: Matt Orvis
Starrett-Bytewise has introduced its “SL4” high-speed line laser sensors, its fourth generation of sensors offering the highest resolution and speed for TGIS Radial Run-Out (RRO), Lateral Run-Out (LRO) and bulge measurement to date.
May 15, 2023 | Precision Hand Tools

The World of Indicators

By: Tim Cucchi
Since the late 1880s, indicators still play an important role in manufacturing. As they have advanced over the years, the initial concept of the indicator still holds true --a need to measure small measurements and angles
December 13, 2020


By: User Not Found
Our popular T436.1 Outside Micrometers can now be custom painted.
May 2, 2023 | Hole Saws

Tips for Successful Hole Sawing

By: Jay Gordon
Tips and guidelines for selecting and using hole saws for best results and highest productivity.