TENNAX-PRO Band Saw Blades deliver next generation cutting performance on pipes, tubes and structural profiles.


Representing the latest in research and design from Starrett, TENNAX™-PRO bi-metal band saw blades feature a new tooth design that provides enhanced performance, ergonomics and cutting efficiency on pipes, tubes and structural profiles and bundles.

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Popular lengths are shown. If the blade length you seek is not listed, please contact Starrett Customer Service or  your Starrett distributor with the 5-digit number and the desired blade length for price and delivery information.


  • New tooth geometry developed for cutting pipes and structural material profiles
  • M42 High Speed Edge
  • Exclusive tooth setting process


  • High level of productivity in extreme cutting processes used for pipes, profiles and structural materials
  • Increased resistance to wear and tooth breakage
  • Low noise, low vibration and cool cutting performance


  • Pipes, tubes and structurals
  • Small solids
  • Bundles
  • For all machines: manual, hydraulic, gravity fed, etc.