604 STEEL RULES, INCH GRADUATIONS, SPRING-TEMPERED All rules feature the Starrett satin chrome finish, except where noted. Additional sizes and variations available on special order. STANDARD CASE FOR 6"/150MM RULES For added convenience and protection, all 6" and 150mm rules in 1/2" and 3/4" widths (except hook rules) are furnished with a protective case with a clear front. OPTIONAL CASE WITH CLIP A leather-like case with pocket clip for 6" (150mm) steel rules. Rounded metal-bound edges prevent pockets from becoming worn and torn by rule corners. PRECISION STEEL RULES C604RE-6 C604R-6 Cat. No. EDP Length Width x Thickness Graduation Feature Remarks 604R-6 52645 6" 3/4" x 3/64" 4R – 8ths, 16ths, Quick-Reading 32nds and 64ths Regular Steel Finish C604R-6 52678 6" - C604RE-6 52660 6" 4R – 8ths, 16ths, Quick-Reading 32nds and 64ths End Graduations in 32nds Both Ends, One Side End Graduations CH604R-6 52673 6" 4R – 8ths, 16ths, Quick-Reading 32nds and 64ths 604R-12 52647 12" 1" x 3/64" With Reversible Hook CH604R-12 52674 12" - C604R-12 52679 12" With Reversible Hook 610N-6* 52694 6" 3/16" x 3/64" 10 – 32nds One Side and 64ths on Reverse Side - 610N-12* 52695 12" Regular Steel Finish; Narrow Rule *Indicates rules with single row of inch figures (all rules under 1" width) 104 R ules and S quares