hole saws Our line includes the Fast Cut and Deep Cut bi-metal saws, and application-specific hole saws engineered specifically for certain materials, power tools and jobs.A full line of accessories, including Quick-Hitch™ arbors, pilot drills and protective cowls, enables you to optimise each job with safe, cost efficient solutions. 09 hacksaws Hacksaw Safe-Flex® and Grey-Flex® blades and frames,Redstripe® power hack blades, compass and PVC saws to assist you with all of your hand sawing needs. 31 jig saws Our Unified Shank® jig saws are developed for wood, metal and multi-purpose cutting. The Starrett bi-metal unique® saw technology provides our saws with 170% greater resistance to breakage, cut faster and last longer than other saws. Our Dual Cut® blades are an exclusive saw design to provide burr-free cutting on both sides of the material. 41 Reciproca ting saws General purpose reciprocating blades provide a comprehensive set of sawing solutions to professional trades people and do-it-yourselfers. Our offering includes pneumatic blades, pallet dismantling blades, King Cut® rescue and demolition and general purpose blades. 45 Portable Band Saws We offer blades for these convenient power tools. Univerz™ are ready to go to work in convenient lengths to fit popular portable machines. 49 Measuring T APES Our measuring tapes and Measure Stix™ are offered in a wide range of styles and sizes. Graduations are available in English and Metric to meet virtually every requirement for accurate tape measurement. Introducing the new series of Starrett, Starrett Exact® and Starrett Exact® Plus. 51 PT A AND HAND TOOLS 3 www.starrett.com