Refills Chalk Formulated and colored to mark distinctively and lay down hard clean lines. New bottle design provides easier handling and a no-spill cap. Fea tures • Easy to see colors SUC Ultra Chalk Formulated to provide a semi-permanent mark that will be visible over an extended time period. The new plastic bottle design incorporates an easy-to-carry handle and includes a foldable, no-spill and no-lose cap. Cat. No. EDP Size Color SC4BLU 00047 4 lb Blue SC4ORG 00050 Orange SC4RED 00048 Red SC4WHT 00049 White SC8B 63146 8 oz Blue SC8O 67455 Orange SC8R 63147 Red SC8W 63148 White Cat. No. EDP Size Color SUC4BLU 00051 4lb Permanent Blue SUC4BLK 00052 Permanent Black SUC4RED 00053 Permanent Red SUC8B 68764 8oz Permanent Blue SUC8BLK 68766 Permanent Black SUC8R 64487 Permanent Red SC8B SUC4BLU 88 C halk New!