St arrett Fiberglass Blade 538 SERIES - CLOSED REEL Closed reel fiberglass long tapes are produced with a unique design with rubber plastic overmolded on ABS plastic case, providing a durable, comfortable, and highly visible measuring tool. Features a 4X faster tape retraction. Graduations are printed on both sides of the tape for user convenience. Fea tures • Rubber plastic overmolded on ABS plastic case • Graduations on both sides of tape • Folding hook ring with snap for storage Long T apes Cat. No. EDP Blade Size Graduation* KTS538-100-N 30615 1/2" x 100' English KTS538-100ME-N 30616 1/2" x 100' (30m) English/Metric *BLADE GRADUATION STYLE: English: Graduated in 1/8" and 1/100th feet English/Metric: Graduation in 1/8" and 2 millimeters KTS538-100 59 M easuring T apes