Chalk Boxes The 14 oz box is manufactured with heavy ABS impact resistant plastic case, with rubber plastic overmolding. Fea tures • 150' of line • Oversized steel ring • 6x faster line rewind St arrett Exact® Plus Available in 4 oz and 14 oz sizes. The 4 oz line is manufactured with a heavy duty die-cast aluminum with rubber plastic overmolding. Available as chalk line only or as a combo pack including a 4 oz bottle of chalk. Fea tures • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum case • Rubber plastic overmolding • Holds 4 oz of chalk • 100' press-to-release line and includes 50% stronger line • 6x faster line rewind • Easy feed window chalk lines Cat. No. EDP Size (oz) Feet Meters Chalk KCXP005-N 30730 4 100 30 - KCXP005B-N 20990 Blue KCXP005R-N 20991 Red Cat. No. EDP Size (oz) Feet Meters KCXP001-N 30729 14 150 45 KCXP005-N KCXP001-N 87 C halk New!