St arrett Exact® Plus S011 HIDDEN EDGE - RETRACTABLE BLADE The blade stays safely tucked away when not in use. Simply release the safety lock and squeeze the lever to use. With quick release blade change and storage for spares in the body, blade changes are fast and tool-free. Fea tures • This utility knife is supplied with trapezoidal blade (S01R) • It also works with hook blades (SH01R) • Easytousesafetylockandleverallowsthebladetobeexposedinstantly • Thumb wheel accurately adjusts cutting depth • Fast, tool-free blade changes utility Knives Utility Knife Holster 968 HOLSTER FOR S011 Safely and conveniently houses the S011 Hidden Edge Utility Knife. Cat. No. EDP Blade Type Description S011 67584 Standard Trapezoidal Hidden Edge Utility Knife Cat. No. EDP Description 968 67981 Hidden Edge Leather Belt Holster Hidden Edge Utility Knife with 968 Holster S011 64 U tility K nives New!