Drywall Square Fea tures • Used for layout work on drywall, plywood and sheet metal • The offset head is 22" x 1-1/2" • The blade is the same width as a standard electrical outlet box T-Square Fea tures • 2" wide x .081" thick anodized aluminum blade lies flat and resists bending • Large, easy-to-read numbers • Graduations are 1/8" on one edge and 1/16" on the other SquareS DS-6 T-24 Cat. No. EDP Description Size DS-4 36119 Assembled 48"L x 2"W DS-6 36121 Heavy Duty, Assembled DS-7 36381 Heavy Duty, Assembled 54"L x 2"W Cat. No. EDP Length T-24 36134 24" T-36 36136 36" T-48 36138 48" 94 R ules and S quares