505A-12 and 505A-7 ALUMINUM MITER The popular ProSite 505 protractor family consists of two 12" combination protractors, a 12" miter protractor and two 7" miter protractors. The combination protractors take the guesswork out of these functions: miter cuts, single cuts, compound miter cuts, included conversion table, protractor and roof pitches.While the miter protractors are ideal for carpenters, plumbers and all building trades that require the measuring and transferring of angles. Fea tures • ProSite protractors take error-prone calculations out of the process of miter cuts • This easy-to-use tool has two laser engraved scales • Miter cut scale transfers readings directly to the miter saw for miter joints • Single cut scale transfers readings directly to the miter saw • Made from durable 1/4" aluminum with smooth and precise operation • Protractor saves time and reduces waste CP505A-12 ALUMINUM COMBINATION A 12" aluminum combination protractor, that is part of the popular ProSite 505 protractor family. This protractor is a 5-in-1 functional tool that performs: miter cut, single cut, compound cut conversion table, protractor, and roof pitches. Fea tures • 5-in-1 Protractor performs functions of the other ProSite miter protractors and more • Miter and single cut readings can be transferred directly to the miter saw • The compound conversion table is specifically for the compound miter saw and can be used for cutting crown molding • Easily finds roof pitches 505A-7 505A-12 COMBINA TION PROT ACTOR Cat. No. EDP Description 505A-12 67752 12" Miter Protractor 505A-7 11677 7" Miter Protractor Cat. No. EDP Description CP505A-12 12256 12" Combination Protractor CP505A-12 114 P rotractors