SPECIALTY AM Angle Meter MAGNETIC ANGLE METER, 0 TO 90° Large readable scale for accurate readings from 0 to 90° in any quadrant.Integral magnetic base frees hands when used on ferrous surfaces. Fea tures • Measures any angle for pitch or slope • Handy rise, run, angle and pitch information on back of the tool BE-1 Bull's-Eye CIRCULAR LEVEL Circular bull's-eye level has full 360° large sight for easy viewing. Each level features sturdy plastic construction and is ideal for home, workshop and industry use. Cat. No. EDP Description AM-2 36080 Magnetic Angle Meter, 0 to 90° Cat. No. EDP Description BE-1 36078 1-3/4" Circular Level AM-2 BE-1 75 starrett.com L evels