Using the Ulti-Ma te! ATTACHING A HOLE SAW Screw the appropriate adapter on to the hole saw and push the hole saw and adapter down the drill (1). When the hole saw and adapter can be pushed no further, turn the hole saw and the collar will click on (2). 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 LOCKING A HOLE SAW To lock a hole saw on to the ULTI-MATE, turn the collar on the arbor so that the arrow on the base of the arbor and the arrow on the collar are not aligned. (1). This will then lock the saw and the arbor together, and ensure that the hole saw cannot be accidentally released while drilling. RELEASING A HOLE SAW To release the hole saw, align the arrow on the collar and the arrow on the base of the arbor (1) and pull the collar back (2). The saw will then be released. The release is spring loaded so please take care when releasing the saw! REUSING THE HOLE SAW ADAPTERS Once the hole saw has come to the end of its useful life, the arbor adapters can be reused, even if intensive use has resulted in the adapters becoming very firmly attached to the hole saw. Place the complete assembly in a vice, using the flats on either side of the arbor to hold the assembly still (1). The used hole saw can then be unscrewed from the adapter using a pair of grips or similar tool. 23 H ole S aws