Dual Cut® UNIFIED SHANK The two new wood-cutting saw designs with teeth in both directions offer a burr-free cut on both sides. Bi-metal unique saw technology provides 170% greater resistance to tooth breakage, longer life and a lower cost per cut than other welding techniques. Jig Saws PERFECT FINISH oN BOTH SIDES! ® A A B B 2 Blade Pack Dimensions* Description Cat. No. EDP Length x Width x Thickness BU3DC-2 12484 3 x 5/16 x .060" (75 x 8 x 1.5mm) 3" Dual Cut® Jig Saw Blade BU2DCS-2 12480 2 x 3/16 x .050" (50 x 5 x 1.3mm) 2" Scroll-Cutting Dual Cut® Jig Saw Blade *Length dimension references tooth bearing section of jig saws. The total length, including blade tang, is approximately 1" longer. BU3DC BU2DCS 43 starrett.com J ig S aws