187 Jobbers' Drill Gage, Hardened Provides quick sizing of any twist drill from 1/16 to 1/2" by 64ths. Includes 29 holes that are marked with drill size in inches and decimal equivalents. Approximately 5/64" thick by 2-5/16" wide by 6-1/4" long. Fea tures • Rigidly tested after hardening • Black matte finish with gage information steel stamped on one side and white marked on reverse for quick, clear reading 198 St andard Letter Size Drill Gage This tool provides quick, convenient checking of letter size drills. Twenty-six holes are provided, giving corresponding drill sizes from "A" through "Z" with decimal equivalents from .234" diameter through .413" diameter. Fea tures • Approximate 5/64" thick by 2-5/16" wide and 6-1/4" long • Hardened with a satin finish • Tested for accuracy after hardening Drill and Wire Gages Cat. No. EDP Description 187 50677 Jobbers' Drill Gage Cat. No. EDP Description 198 50718 Standard Letter Size Drill Gage 187 198 138 S hop T ools