Arbors and Accessories A19 "Oops" Arbor HOLE ENLARGEMENT ARBOR Replacing the pilot drill, the A19 allows diameters to be enlarged by attaching a saw of the same size to that of the existing hole. This saw then acts as the pilot for the larger diameter saw that is attached to the arbor. Cat. No. EDP Regular Arbor That Fits Outer Hole Saw and Size of Enlarging Diameter Pilot Hole Saw Diameter that Fits A19 Arbor KA19-N* 11556 A1 13/16 - 1-3/16" (21 - 30mm), A2 or A10 1-1/4 - 6 (32 - 152mm) 9/16 - 5-1/2" (14 - 140mm) Minimum hole enlargement is 3/16" (4.7mm) between pilot hole saw and cutting saw diameter *CAT. NO. WITH K: Clam pack (plastic clamshell packaging) 28 H ole S aws