portaband Univerz™ Featuring the Starrett bi-metal unique® technology. The blades are pre-welded, ready-to-use and available in lengths that fit all the popular portable band saw machines. Fea tures • Triple tempered M-42 cobalt high speed steel teeth with a fatigue resistant alloy steel backer • Patented "Twin Tooth" design of the Split-Chip advantage "bi-metalunique® " • Faster cutting and longer life than ordinary blades • Available in a variety of tooth pitches • Sold in 3-paks or 100-blade bulk paks 3 Blade/pkg. 100 Blade Bulk Pkg. Fits Machine Models Length Width x Thickness Pitch & Rake* Cat. No. EDP Cat. No. EDP BM10 14600 BM10B 16948 Black & Decker, Greenlee, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Rockwell, Porter-Cable, Skil, Unitec 44-7/8" or 3' 8-7/8" (114cm) 1/2" x .020" (13 x 0.50mm) 10/S BM14 14601 BM14B 16949 14/S BM18 14602 BM18B 16950 18/W BM24 14603 BM24B 16951 24/W BM1014 15708 BM1014B 16952 10-14/S BM1418 16088 BM1418B 16953 14-18/S *S = Straight (Zero) Rake | W = Wavy Set, Zero Rake Read more about the value of Starrett bi-metalunique® technology at www.starrett.com ® 50 P ort able B and S aws