b'ubricantLIndustrial LubricantM1 M1 produces a micro-thin, airtight coating that simultaneously dries as it protects, avoiding dirt, grime, etc. It dries and will not attract dirt, dust or other contaminants as other leading lubricants do.F EaturEs Silicone freeStands up to extreme temperatures Penetrates quickly to free frozen nuts, bolts and metal parts Removes grease, tar and grime from metal parts and painted surfaces Cleans and polishes for lasting protection Protects metal against rust and corrosion damage Instantlubricationpropertiesthatspreadintohard-to-reachareastostop squeaking and sticking Gets under moisture to lift it away from the surface Prevents short circuits in high moisture environmentsCat. No. EDP DescriptionM-1.95173 95173 Case of 12 - 12oz Spray CansM-1.01 93221 Case of 4 - 1 Gal. (3.8 liter) ContainersM-1.05 93227 Pail - 5 Gal. (19 liters)M-1.53 93233 Drum - 53 Gal. (200 liters)M1 s prayB ottlE16oz. spray dispenser bottle can be used and refilled which saves you money and prevents the unwanted waste and disposal of empty cans.F EaturEs Prevents unwanted waste of empty cans Refillable from bulk containers of M1Holds up to 16 fl. oz. of M1 Cat. No. EDP DescriptionM-1.15 93251 Case of 4 - 1 Pint (0.5 liter) Empty Spray Bottles110'