b'Automatic PUNCHESunches818PWITH ADJUSTABLE STROKEThis automatic center punch is lightweight with knurled aluminum handle for a positive grip and easy handling.F EaturEs All working internal parts made of properly hardened tool steel Works on metal, plastics, wood and other machinable materials Adjustable cap regulates the stroke818Length DiameterCat. No. EDP in mm in mm818 53048 5 125 5/8 16819WITH ADJUSTABLE STROKEHinge-locating automatic center punch with adjustable stroke, combines all the features of our 818 lightweight aluminum punch with an exclusive self-centering sleeve that automatically centers starter holes for screws.F EaturEs Adjustable cap regulates the stroke Eliminates the risk of drilling off center819Length DiameterCat. No. EDP in mm in mm819 53049 5 125 5/8 16starrett.com 91'