b'SPECIALTYaM a NGlEM EtErMAGNETIC ANGLE METER, 0 TO 90Large readable scale for accurate readings from 0 to 90 in any quadrant. Integral magnetic base frees hands when used on ferrous surfaces.F EaturEs Measures any angle for pitch or slope Handy rise, run, angle and pitch information on back of the tool eveLsCat. No. EDP Description LAM-2 36080 Magnetic Angle Meter, 0 to 90AM-2BE-1 B ull \' s -E yECIRCULAR LEVELCircular bull\'s-eye level has full 360 large sight for easy viewing. Each level features sturdy plastic construction and is ideal for home, workshop and industry use.Cat. No. EDP DescriptionBE-1 36078 1-3/4" Circular LevelBE-1starrett.com 57'