b'Measure Stix StarrettMeasureStixaremanufacturedwithhighqualityprecisionsteel. Theyhaveapermanentadhesivebackingprovidingconvenient,at-a-glance measurements. Can be mounted on work benches, saw tables, drafting tables, etc.apes easuringF EaturEs High quality precision steel for extended service use Sticks to most work surfacesT M Easily cut to size with scissors Available in left-to-right or right-to-leftSM412WCat. No. EDP Reading Blade Size Graduation*SM46WRL 66634 1/2" x 6\' S1 (English)SM412WRL 64919right-to-left 1/2" x 12\' S1 (English)SM412WMERL 64920 1/2" x 12\'(13mm x 4m) S12 (English/Metric)SM44W 63168 1/2" x 4\' S1 (English)SM44ME 63171 1/2" x 4\' (13mm x 1.2m) S12 (English/Metric)SM412W 63170left-to-right 1/2" x 12\' S1 (English)SM412ME 63173 1/2" x 12\' (13mm x 4m) S12 (English/Metric)SM66W 63169 3/4" x 6\' S1 (English)SM66ME 63172 3/4" x 6\' (19mm x 2m) S12 (English/Metric)* See tape line illustrations on page 52Key Caddy Heavy-duty die-cast case with a 21" stainless steel chain and large key ring. Returns keys and other articles automatically.Available with regular belt clip.Cat. No. EDP DescriptionSK1 63135 Key Caddy with regular belt clipSK1starrett.com 47'