b'Long Tapess tarrEtts tEElB laDE510 SERIES - CLOSED REELapes easuringThe closed reel long tapes are produced with yellow high visibility ABS plastic. These value priced long tape measures are easy to locate and difficult to damage. The steel bladeT M provides a precise measurement of up to 100\' (30m). The blade has an uncluttered line and numbering style.F EaturEs Produced with easy-to-read graduations Includes a folding hookKTS510-100-NCat. No. EDP Blade Size Graduation*KTS510-50-N 30618 3/8" x 50\' EnglishKTS510-50ME-N 30619 3/8" x 50\' (15m) English/MetricKTS510-100-N 30622 3/8" x 100\' EnglishKTS510-100ME-N 30623 3/8" x 100\' (30m) English/Metric*BLADE GRADUATION STYLE:English: Graduated in 1/8"English/Metric: Graduated 1/8" and Millimeters48'