b'utility Knivess tarrEttE xaCt p lusALUMINUM DIE-CAST BODY -FOLDINGnives tilityUtility knife features a die-cast folding knife using trapezoidal or hook blade.F EaturEs K U This utility knife works with trapezoidal (S01R) or hook blades (SH01R) Supplied with 1 blade and a dipenser with 3 spare trapezoidal bladesCat. No. EDP Blade Type DescriptionKUXP010-N 30736 Standard Trapezoidal Aluminum Die-Cast Body; Foldingr EplaCEMENtB laDEsSafe and easy handling dispenser with blades.S01R SH01RS05RSB-100DCat. No. EDP Blade Type Dispenser Description FitsKS01R 61776 Standard10 high carbon steel trapezoidal blades S011SB-100D 63326 Trapezoidal 100 high carbon steel trapezoidal blades S014KUXP060-NKSH01R 61778 Hook 10 high carbon steel hook blades KUXP010-NKUXP005-Nstarrett.com 53'