b'Square punches800Nail set has a square head that provides a large striking surface and prevents the tool from rolling.F EaturEs Knurled grip for secure holding Square head provides a large striking surfaceunches Beveled end prevents breakage Cupped punch surface to follow nail without sliding off Hardened and tempered Made of specially selected steelP Punch diameter clearly marked on the headLength Punch DiameterCat. No. EDP in mm in mm800A 53029 1/32 0.8800B 53030 1/16 1.5800C 53031 4 100 3/32 2.5800D 53032 1/8 3800E 53033 5/32 4S800PC 64131 Set of 5 in Protective Plastic Case. One Each of 800A, B, C, D, ES800starrett.com 95'