b'BRASS Drive Pin PUNCHESB248FOR MACHINE SHOP AND MOTOR SERVICE WORKBrass drive pin punch for machine shop and motor service work. Available in eight individual sizes from 3/16" to 3/8" and as a full set of four in an attractive pouch.F EaturEsunches Knurled grip for secure holding Will not damage softer materials Non-sparking For machine shop and motor service workP Punch diameter clearly marked on the head Diameter of punches is slightly less than listed Extra-long, measuring 8" (200mm) total lengthLength Diameter PunchCat. No. EDP in mm in mmB248B 12460 3/16 5B248C 12461 8 200 1/4 6B248D 12462 5/16 8B248E 12463 3/8 9.5SB248Z 12464 Set of 4 Brass Punches (1 of Each Size) in Fabric PouchSB248 SB248Zstarrett.com 99'