b'Ruless traiGHtE DGEa luMiNuMr ulEquaRes and ulesASE AND AMSE Straight edge aluminum rules are parallel, made of anodized aluminum with smooth, square and straight edges. Inch or centimeter and millimeter graduations Rreadings on either edge.F EaturEs Ideal for schools and shops, wood-workers, tinsmiths, metal workers, and bench applications They lie flat, resist bending and feature large, easy to read graduations and numbers that are heavier than conventional machine graduated scales Rules are 2" (50mm) wide with centimeter and millimeter graduations reading on either edge Accurate and flexibleASE-24Cat. No. EDP Length ThicknessASE-24 36090 24" .081"ASE-36 36091 36"ASE-48 36092 48"ASE-60 36093 60" .125"ASE-72 36094 72"ASE-96 36095 96"64'