b'Hacksaw Frames145CLOSED GRIP - HIGH TENSIONHightensionheavy-dutyhacksawframewithaclosedgripfeaturesaClosed Gripprofessional quality high-tension hack saw frame and is easy to use with an efficient adjustment lever.acksawsF EaturEs 12"(300mm) Starrett bi-metal unique, high speed steel Safe-Flex hacksaw blade included The handle is covered by rubber overmold for comfortable gripH K145Cat. No. EDP DescriptionK145 67818 High-Tension Heavy-Duty Hacksaw Frame, Closed Grip152CLOSED GRIP - ADJUSTABLEAdjustable heavy-duty hacksaw frame, closed grip. This saw features a versatile,Closed Gripheavy-duty frame accepting, 10" and 12" blades that can be mounted in any one of four cutting directions. Blades can be tensioned by a single wing nut.F EaturEs 12" (300mm) Starrett bi-metal unique high speed steel Safe-Flex hacksaw blade included K152 The distinctive red handles allow for good visibility in a crowded workplaceCat. No. EDP DescriptionK152 60134 Adjustable Heavy-Duty Hacksaw Frame, Closed Grip1.Patented process providing 170% more weld contact for superiorteeth stripping resistance2. Significantlyreducedfractureand breakage3. Multi-edgecuttingperformanceresulting in faster cuts and longerblade life28'