b"utility knivesWith safety and innovation at the forefront, Starrett offers advanced solutions for a safe utility knife and replacement blade dispensing solutions.51levelsA variety of application specific tools which prevail where standard levels fall short.55Hand Tool BagsDurableHand ToolBagsforthe TradesmanorDIYenthusiast. Featuringmultipleinternalandexternalpocketsforplentyof storage space.59plumb bobsSteel and solid brass for top accuracy in all layout work to provide a low center of gravity and great weight in proportion to their short length and small diameter.61rules and squaresOur rules and squares are made from fine quality materials and produced to the highest precision standards, making them the most accurate and readable rules on the market. Offered in a practical variety of styles to suit the needs of the individual, whether it be a toolmaker, mechanic, carpenter, or a do-it-yourself homeowner.63Slide calipersOurcalipersarelight,comfortable,easy-to-use,and constructedwithfeaturesthathavemadeStarrettslide calipers the machinist's first choice for many years.804"