b'Graduations and Numbering Styles T M apes easurings Hort -l iNEt apEs l oNG -l iNEt apEsS1 REGULAR ENGLISH L1 ENGLISH Graduated in 1/16" on both edgesGraduated in 8ths and numbered one to twelve inches to each Graduated 1/32" for the first foot of 1/2" and 3/4" wide blades only foot and repeat, with quick-reading figures Numbered in consecutive inches to 1\' and repeat on one edgeand consecutive inches on the other edge Blades have stud marks every 16" on English lines, and trusscenter marks every 19.2 inches on 1" wide English linesS6 METRIC L3 ENGLISH Available in 13, 19, and 5mm widths GraduatedinmillimetersandnumberedinconsecutiveGraduated in 16ths and numbered in consecutive inchescentimeters to the end of the tape lineS9 ENGLISH/METRIC Available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" (13, 19, and 25mm) widths L5-100 DIAMETER TAPE Loweredgegraduatedinmillimetersandnumberedinconsecutive centimeters to the endOne side is graduated in 8ths and numbered in feet and inches Topedgegraduatedin16thsofaninchandnumeredinThe other side is graduated and numered each diameter inchconsecutive inches and numbered at each footGraduated in 100ths of a diameter inch and numbered each one 10thS12 ENGLISH/METRIC L8 METRIC Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" (13, 19 and 25mm) widthsGraduatedinmillimetersandnumberedinconsecutive Loweredgegraduatedinmillimetersandnumberedin centimeters to each meter and repeatconsecutive millimeters to each decimeter and repeat Topedgegraduatedin16thsofaninchandnumberedinconsecutive inches and numbered at each foot44'