b"Plumb Bobss oliDB rassPBBPolished solid brass plumb bob with replaceable, hardened steel points.F EaturEsobs lumb Reliable accuracy and corrosion resistance b PEasy, self-centering line assembly with screw cap design Points easily replaced if worn or broken Conforms to US Government specifications GGG-P-501e 10' of nylon cord includedPBB-8WeightCat. No. EDP oz gramsPBB-8 36270 8 230PBB-16 36271 16 450s tEEl177Solid steel construction provides a low center of gravity and great weight in proportion to their short length and small diameter.F EaturEs Hexagonal shaped head prevents rolling Hardened and ground removable point for greater accuracy, longer life Sure grip knurling on polished steel body for easy handling Furnished with a strong, braided 8' nylon line that can be conveniently wound around a recess at the top of the bob177AWeightCat. No. EDP oz grams177A 50660 2-3/4 78177B 50661 5 140177C 50662 8-1/2 240177D 50663 14-1/2 40062"