b'w edGe - actionF ixturesWedge fixtures are self-tightening. Starrett offers a variety of different wedge-action fixtures with various face types for flat and round sample dimensions. Wedge-action fixtures can be equipped with smooth, serrated, v-notch, diamond-coated and rubber surfaces.Starrett can assist you in selecting the proper wedge-action fixture and jaw face set for your sample.ixtures ction edgeo PerationWedge-action test fixtures are designed for easy sample loading and alignment. These test fixturesFA W apply an increasing pressure on the sample as the sample is pulled axially.Starrett offers a variety of wedge-action test fixtures with different capacities. We also offer a wide assortment of grip faces including smooth, serrated, v-notch, diamond and rubber. t estinGs tandardsThere are a variety of testing standards that can make use of a wedge-action test fixture. Contact your Starrett representative for more information about your specific testing method and the available test fixtures.Wedge-Action FixturesLoad CapacityModel No. N KGF LBF Sample Width Sample Thickness TypeWEDGE-7S-1 5,000 500 1,100 10 mm 8 mm ClevisWEDGE-256S-1 10K 1,000 2,200 30 mm8 mm ClevisWEDGE-243S-1 20K 2,000 4,400 Jaw Dependent Jaw Dependent ClevisWEDGE-243S-50 50K 5,000 11,000 Jaw Dependent Jaw Dependent ClevisWEDGE-527S-1 50K 5,000 11,000 80 mm Jaw Dependent Clevis102'