b'Theblackgraphdenotesthe current results view information. oftwareAny test in your Runs List may be selected to display their results.Select the Archive feature to retrieve and compare an archived test. SCompare the graphical results of multiple tests that you select. Individual graphs are color-codes and referenced to the test in the Runs List. You can also retrieve archived tests for making a graphical comparison. For example, you can compare a "benchmark" result from a year ago to a current result."Pass" and "Fail" status is immediate when usingtolerances.Out-of-toleranceresults are displayed in red.Select the Data view and view results in a tabular format. Easily switch to Graph view by selecting the Graph symbol.Display results in a tabular format complete with your tolerance limits. Test results that are out-of-tolerance are prominently displayed in red. Out-of-tolerance results are identified in the table, large results view and on the graph view in the Runs List. You can also display statistics on selected test runs. Calculate and display Minimum, Maximum, Mean and Standard Deviation with a single click. starrett.com 51'