b'PlatensMade from aluminum and steel for compression applications; available in fixed or self-leveling for soft samples, cardboards, plastics, steel, stone, foam, and more.softwareL3 - 2865L2 Plus - 32L2 - 36L1 - 40 Eccentric RollersS2 - 44 An excellent self-tightening fixture for materials that deform under load, idea for S1 - 48 flat samples, rollers available in smooth, rubber, or serrated jaw faces.Automation Builder - 507533 Vise-Action FixturesA very easy sample loading option, these grips are tightened manually and keep alignment simple, jaw faces come in a variety of sizes and surface finishes.81Wedge-Action FixturesLoad Cells Designed for easy loading and alignment these fixtures can be equipped with smooth, serrated, v-notch, diamond-coated and rubber jaw faces. Wedge-Starrett load sensors are supplied with a NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration. Allaction fixtures apply an increasing clamping pressure on the sample as they sensor types are "plus and play" and are available in 5N to 50kN capacities. are pulled axially.101Rope and Bollard FixturesUse these for testing materials like rope, cable, filaments, yarn and more. They are 61 designed to ensure proper sample alignment and promote a correct sample break.107Button FixturesThese fixtures are designed to test the tensile strength of electrical connectors such as wire connectors that are crimped on to wires.113Flexural FixturesUsed in 3 and 4 point bending testing a flexible testing solution with adjustable spans. Determine strength, deformation, or even flexural modulus with these grips.1154'