b'a daPterP Lateslocks lates dapter aGeThese adapter plates are used with non-Starrett digital force gages.They allow some competitive force gages to be used with Starrett test frames.Please consult with your Starrett representative before ordering to ensure these plates are compatible with your non-Starrett force gage. & Bpa GF orceG aGea daPterP Lates Includes mounting block Ensures proper alignment on a Starrett test frameGage Adapter PlatesModel No. Use with this brand Force Gage Model Type SupplyMLX-FG-CHAT Chatillon DFX, DFE, DFS, DFE2, DFS2 1MLX-FG-IMAD Imada ZT, DS2 1MLX-FG-MARK Mark-10 Series 7, 5, 4 1MLX-FG-MECM Mecmesin AFG, BFG 1MLX-FG-SHIM Shimpo FG-7000, FGV-XY, FGE 1Mark-10 adapter plateChatillon adapter plateM ountinGb LocKsThese mounting blocks are used with the FMM model test frames.They are used with the BLC Load Cell sensors and the DFG and DFC force gages.The mounting blocks ensure correct alignment and proper axial positioning.M ountinGb LocKs For Starrett Force Gages and BLC Load Cells Ensures proper alignment on a Starrett FMM test frame Includes all mounting hardwareBLC adapter plateDFG and DFC adapter plateMounting BlocksModel No. Description SupplySPK-FG-BLOCK Used to mount Starrett DFC or DFG Force Gage to FMM test frame 1SPK-BLC-BLOCK Used to mount any BLC Load Cell Sensors to the FMM test frame 1184'