b'r oLLerF ixturesr oLLer5 K nSTEEL, NICKEL-PLATED For general-purpose tensile testing applications Dual-action rollers 30mm diameter rollers Operating Temperatures 32 to 266F (0 to 130C) r E ollErs ccEntricEccentric Roller GripsLoad Capacity Jaw Face Sample Thickness (max) Sample Width (max) Weight (each) Clevis TypeModel No. N KGF LBF Type in mm in mm lbs kgs mm SupplyROLLER-766-5S-1 5000 500 1100 Serrated 0.29 15 1.2 30 3.1 1.4 15.9 2d iMensions213.24040485.4288.715.9 40302505080'