b'100mSoftwareS(Above)Anchoring is a scope feature.It allows you to easily measure from an existing result (anchor).In this example, the load value is found at 100mS after the maximum load (Lmax).In the scoping operation for the point result (Lpt), the Lmax is used as an anchored result.The "+" sign signifies "after" the anchored Lmax.The scope value is specified as time (S.s) and entered as 0.1 second.You can scope on load, distance or time.(Above)Using the "Multiview" function, you can measure using multiple graphs from your batch.Graph traces are overlaid onto one another and color-coded for identification. In this example, the delta variance is measured between the three test runs.The variance is measured at a point between the graph with the greatest value and the graph with the lowest value.This function can be used for "benchmark comparisons".starrett.com 43'