b's2 s oFtwareWhen you need an easy-to-use measurement system for accurately and precisely determiningspringrates,springconstants,springlengthsandotherspring characteristics, Starrett S2 systems are the solution.S2 systems are ideal for high-volume production testing, quality control including incoming inspection verification and validation, and research and design engineering.S2 systems may be used for compression and extension springs with load ratings up to 11,000 lbf (50 kN, 5000 kgf).Our simple, fill-in-the-blank test setups let you test and validate your springs in as few as three steps allowing your testing to be performed in seconds.And your test results can be viewed, graphed and reported, including the ability to export results or raw data at rates up to 1000Hz.t ests etuPo PtionsoftwarePre-Test Options Units of Measurement User Prompts to assist operator during testingSSpring preconditioning (Scrag and Load Set Hold for duration)Test Options Measure Free Length One Point Limit Test (Load or Height) Two Point Limit Test (Load and/or Height) Exceptions (Abort test if an exception is met)Data Options Spring Constant (One Point) Spring Rate (Two Point)Date, User, Limit SetpointsPost-Test Options Export Raw Data to a file location (up to 1000 samples/second) Export Results (Overwrite or Append data file)Test Methods Spring Constant Spring Rate Initial Tension Free Length Load @ Height/Lengths Single Point Two Point Multiple Points Height/Length @ Loads Scragging and Load Hold SetS2 systems can use any FMS, FMD, MMS or MMD test frame.Shown is an S2 system using an FMS-5000 test frame.52'